Day Of Wedding Coordinator

A Day Of Wedding Coordinator is someone who comes in and picks up all the pieces (often referred to as the personal assistant to the family or the manager of the overall wedding). The main responsibility of a day of planner is to ensure the plan the bride and her family has created runs smoothly according to their expectations. Reception décor and ceremony timing is crucial the day of the wedding. The most important piece of the puzzle is to make sure the vendors are directed in the right place at the right time along with the bridal party. The timeline is the heart of the event. Without a solid timeline, people will not know where to go and when they are to report. A day of planner is only as good as her timeline.This package is for those that simply need someone to ensure that the event is managed properly.

This package includes, but not limited to:-

  •  Meet W/bride to review last-minute direction, questions, concerns 3 hours before ceremony
  • Greet vendors upon arrival
  • Assist wedding party with the processional and recessional (cueing music, who stands with whom, when to walk and how to file out at the end).
  • Ensure all vendors are doing their job according to contracts
  • Gather anything remaining at the end of the night such as gifts, cake servers and toasting glasses and guestbook.
  • Ensure that everything at the venue is cleaned according to the contract
  • Provide assistant coordinator(s) as necessary (conditions apply)
  • Manage the day of the event (7hrs)
  • Assist staff/vendor with minimal assistance and provide directions where needed.
  • Correspond with other vendors regarding wedding on your behalf on the day of.
  • With this package all vendors must be booked and confirm. Booking vendors before day of is not included.

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