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Chic Affair Wedding Package

Chic Affairs Package

Full Coordination Package

Chic-Events will take your wedding concept and create the most memorable destination wedding experience that one could only imagine. You can call us “The Dream Team”.

This begins once the couple confirms that this package is what they need. Our consultation service includes: conceptualizing, planning and executing all the activities set for the big day. We will assist with budget management, give sound advice, sourcing of suppliers and give ideas on all aspects of the wedding.

On the day of your wedding, our technical team will direct all the activities and ensure that the program flows smoothly: the right music ( including songs to be sang by the musicians); timely arrival of the bridal party and execution of bridal party/entourage march in the ceremony and the reception; coordinating presentations to be made during the reception; ensuring that your guests are comfortably seated with their friends; food flow is consistent, suppliers execute the best service; souvenirs are well distributed, no space left unsigned in your guestbook, and then some….

Prior to wedding

  • Unlimited email & SMS correspondence with bride & groom on package
  • Skype & telephone correspondences are based on appointments
    • Conceptualizing and planning customized wedding theme
    • Budget management
    • Providing a wedding checklist for the bride & groom
    • Sourcing & assisting with selections & bookings of suppliers/vendors
      • venue (ceremony & reception)
      • caterers
      • photographers/videographers
      • florist/event stylist
      • cake
      • hair & make-up artists
      • musicians/choir/singer (for the ceremony)
      • bands/performers/dance instructors/choreographer/emcee (for the reception)
      • gifts & giveaways
      • bridal car service
      • Transportation service for guests, etc.
    • Negotiating and checking all vendors’ contracts before signing (where necessary)
    • Assisting with contact reviews for suppliers booked or to be booked by the client (where necessary)
    • Assisting with selecting readings for the ceremony or wedding program (where necessary)
    • Assisting with concepts for the program sequence at the reception.
    • Assisting with choosing the music for the ceremony and reception
    • Assisting with guests seating chart (based on confirmed guest attendance)
    • Handling payments to vendors (where necessary)
    • Planning overall ceremony and reception layout
    • Coordinating rehearsal (based on availability of the parties involved)
    • Finalizing, executing and overall coordinating of all plans
    • The wedding day coordination in 3 locations (where necessary):
      • bridal suite (bridal assistant will attract a separate fee)
      • church
      • reception


    On the day of the Wedding:

    • Monitoring suppliers/vendors’ call time
    • Ensuring timely arrival of vendors/suppliers especially the hair and make-up artist, photographer and videographer, florist for the wedding bouquets (which are needed for pictorial).
    • Ensuring that all supplies & paraphernalia for the event are accounted for such as:
      • Flowers
      • Souvenirs
      • Guest books
      • and other supplies that might be needed during the ceremony/reception.


    At the Ceremony:

    • Coordinating formation for the processional march (if there is no coordinator at the venue)
    • Ensuring timely distribution of flowers & other materials for the entourage
    • Coordinating formation for the offertory (if required)
    • Providing assistance during processional & recessional march
    • Safekeeping of all wedding accessories after the ceremony such as
      • Candle /Sand Ceremony Vase
      • Ring pillows
      • Marriage License
      • Any item(s) that may have been left behind
    • Managing program flow at the ceremony
    • Checking/assisting with flower arrangement at venue
    • Setting up of matrimonial candles, seating arrangements of entourage, primary sponsors, parents and musician
    • Ensuring that selected songs to be performed by the musicians or choir is delivered at the ceremony.
    • Ensuring timely arrival of musicians, choir, priest, lectors, commentators, offerors
    • Assisting with signing of marriage contract (where necessary).
    • Ensuring that the flowers at the ceremony will be transported to the reception site after the ceremony and to be arranged as additional décor if needed by the florist.


    At the Reception:

    • Coordinating the setup of the venue, tables and chairs, band/musician (area and sound system needed), place cards/ menu cards/ reception program cards etc., floral arrangements on tables and on the venue, stage and gift table.
    • Ensuring that the conceptualized venue layout is followed.
    • Managing the following:
      • Seating arrangement
      • Reception program flow
      • Distribution of souvenirs and giveaways (if unassigned)
      • Coordinate with captain waiter and banquet sales representative for food refills at the buffet table and other concerns
      • Arrival and ushering of musicians, entertainers, emcees
      • Mobile system and audio-visual presentation equipment and set-up is done and ready by the technician/DJ (where applicable).
      • Photographers’ and videographers’ details
      • Vendors for compliance on service(s) as agreed upon
      • Formation of the wedding entourage for entrance march at the church and reception area.
      • Control the supplier’s activities
      • Suppliers/vendors’ Meal


    Wrap up:

    • Ensuring that the items given to wedding planner for the wedding are packed & ready for turn-over to couple
    • Managing payments of vendors/suppliers (where necessary)


      • Additional hours of attendance on the wedding day – an extra fee will be added per coordinator/per hour
      • Weddings with 150 guests or more- an additional coordinator is required –  ask for cost per hour (minimum 6 hours)
      • Travel fee outside of Montego Bay – ask about cost per hour via car (maximum 3 hours). Over 3 hours- transportation & accommodation are required for 2 coordinators.


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