Wedding Planning Tips during COVID-19

Jamaica, like the rest of the world, is doing their part to slow the spread of the corona virus within our borders. As we go through this period of uncertainty,

Group Safety

Travelling to any destination across the globe is one of the most thrilling experience you can have! It takes you to exotic places and exposes you to different cultures and

Unity Ceremony Ideas

Often times when couples are getting married there is a need for having something outstanding or different to make it a little extra special for you as a couple. You

2017 Wedding trends recap

2017 was a year of beautiful wedding trends. We had so much fun providing our clients with luxurious tablescapes to breathtaking landscapes. Let’s review six (6) of the years wedding

Wedding Venues

Jamaica is one of the most picturesque places on earth- beautiful people, vibrant night life and exotic spots and much like a homebuyer, when couples are choosing a venue for

Wedding Invitations- paper or paperless: that is the question?

It’s “Engagement Season” and boy are we excited about all the wonderful wedding possibilities for 2018! Many couples, after popping the question and saying yes of course, will jump head

Jamaica is Red Stripe Beer

We have the coolest Beer ever- to come to Jamaica is to experience the people, the sand, the sea the people and our culture and a big part of our

Gift Ideas Just For Your Best Gal Pals

Many brides choose family members or longtime friends to be their bridesmaids., which ever one you choose, we know you appreciate them being there for you every time especially on

Sand Ceremony

The whole idea of a wedding ceremony is an affair that is deeply grounded in traditions- which includes the ones couples create for the special day. One very popular feature

Think Destination Weddings!!!

You just got engaged and or in the process of planning your wedding, I’m sure you must have heard the words Destination Wedding many times and may have wondered what


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